We provide 360º photo and video coverage and customized keepsakes to document the occasion of your solemnization (ROM) and/or actual day wedding celebration.


An investment for a lifetime of memories


Why bother to hire a photo-video team separate from the bridal boutique when I can top-up a minimal sum for a photographer from the boutique? A big difference is that when you hire us for the job it will be us showing up on the day instead of a random employee designated by the boutique. You hire us, you get us. While you do pay a slight premium when hiring us, you are assured peace of mine that we will take on the stress of covering your big day and ensure your moments are documented skillfully with reliable and updated equipment. Each wedding photo-book and video recording we craft is unique. You deserve more than cookie-cutter keepsakes.


We offer comprehensive packages that custom cater to every aspect of the documentation of your nuptials that are both priced reasonably with zero hidden cost. Our ROM/solemnization package starts from SGD$450, likewise our A.D. wedding package starts from SGD$1000.


To enquire more of our wedding photo packages, shoot us a mail at or leave a note on our contact section.